Thursday, December 8, 2016

Having only met me after I was dead...part 1

Ladies and gentlemen, Wander here again...where were we last? Oh yeah, gay marriage. . still amazed and grateful, but assjoles out there that exclude people who they deem "undesirable"...@lasies and gentlemen, I came here today to talk to you about our medical system...not Obama care persay. No it is the steady removal of patient rights...USTA be that doctors acted based upon the Hippocratic oath, there was systemic integrity, and they were generally more knowledgeable than their patients...there has been a disturbing trend towards forming these huge conglomerations that dictate care based on policy and profit.. due to the exalted position of having doctors as a major portion of their corporate employees lends them credence that is undue, in fact, they should be scrutinized more because of being a corporate entity


Saturday, June 27, 2015

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Again I get the privilege of saying welcome to the all-new America! I am so proud of our country right now. I love America, and the freedoms it affords me…now, those freedoms have been extended to another section of our society. Yesterday, June twenty sixth two thousand fifteen, the supreme court of the United States of America decided five to four, three women and two men, that the practice of discriminating against gay Americans in regards to marriage is unconstitutional.
That means that in all fifty states gay couples can and will get marriage licenses, and they will be legally binding the same as marriages between straight couples. As a gay friend of mine said “now I am not a second class citizen. All of my years of paying taxes and being a very productive member of society are now being recognized!”
Almost instantly the news raced across our country via FaceBook, Twitter, and other social medias “gay marriage is now legal!” and from what I saw the support was overwhelming. People on FaceBook started changing their profile pictures to rainbow hued representing the rainbow symbol that is the universal flag of the LGBT community.
There is some descent though. Four of the Supreme Court justices voted against the decision…four Catholic men. There was also some fallout in the media and those same social medias. One of the arguments was that the ruling interfered with their religious freedoms. Another argument was that homosexuality is a sin and that God is against it. The third and, in my opinion dumbest, “it is gross.”
First of all I would like to remind you the reader that we are not a country with a national religion…in fact we are a country with the freedom of choice in religion, or lack thereof. In this great country we are free to believe what we want, and we are protected in that freedom. We cannot be persecuted by the state for our religious beliefs. You can believe in whatever you want. You can go to the church of your choice.
Now here comes the thing that a large portion of Christians don’t like about that protection, it also applies to other religions and atheists. That is right…in this country you can believe in whatever your heart dictates and the law will protect your freedoms…except when those freedoms infringe on the freedoms of others.
You may decide that being gay is wrong, and you are free to that belief. Your church can decide to not recognize gay marriages. In fact your church can deny you a marriage for whatever religious reason they come up with weather you are straight or gay.
But the government does not have that freedom. Our government cannot hold up the freedoms of one religion over another. And the practice of denying homosexuals the legal right to form a legal union, a marriage, is solely a religious practice and there is no actual legal reason other than religious objection.  
State sanctioned legally binding contracts, or marriages, are not religious in and of themselves. They are a contract between the government and two consenting adults, and thanks to the Supreme Court that includes gay consenting adults.
Now having said all of that…thank you Supreme Court Justices for siding on the side of civil rights! And if you have an objection to the ruling because of your religion, more power to you. Thank God I live in a country that eventually learns that bigotry should not be the law in the land!

Hell yeah, gay marriage is legal! How do you like them apples!

Wander AKA Chris McQueeney

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Oh the change in times

On the field

Smear the queer
Was the game
They played
On the field
Each and every day
Catch the ball
You would get paid
Black eye loose tooth
Purple and blue
Bruised to stay
No ball in your hand're not gay
Heard on the radio
Just today
Gay marriage is legal in Idaho
No smear the queer
What a good day

Christopher McQueeney    5\14\14    5:00 P.M.

I live in Oregon and the issue of Gay marriage is on the news due to a lawsuit about the legitimacy of the ban on it that has been put in place. Riding in the car yesterday I heard the most amazing news, Idaho had made it legal for gay couples to tie the knot. That is so far from what I remember as a child that I literally shouted WOW about three times.
Picture a school yard, freshly mowed grass, wide open space. Now see the children. A good sized group in fact, bunched together. Twenty nine smiling shouting children, one running for dear life...the game was called smear the queer. The "queer" was the child unlucky enough to have been passed the ball. The rest of the children were overjoyed not to be in that position because the object of the game was for the rest of the players to tackle the "queer" and smear him into the ground.
That was an openly accepted children's game, Smear the queer. now thirty years later those children who are now adults voted for the freedom for gay's to join there partners in marriage...have I mentioned that Idaho is one of the more conservative states. Oregon on the other hand is one of the more liberal. I applaud Idaho in their decision, and challenge Oregon to stop stomping on the civil liberties of the LGBT communities.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Budget Debate Rant

My biggest issue with the budget debate in Congress is Boehner's insistance to cut what he terms "entitlements." People who pay into programs their whole lives will not collect. He insists that cutting this spending is just. Billionaires can keep billions over seas, pay next to none in taxes; corporations can get millions from the government (while paying nothing in taxes); but we are stuck attacking our most vulnerable. Sick people must suffer and die so the wealthy keep tax breaks. It isn't right. Why must we pay tribute to overlords who do not invest in America and destroy its environment?

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Do Not Go Left

Long time, no see, fellow batlings. It isn't often I do not endorse a liberal news page. This time however, I make an exception. Go Left on Facebook proves that views of both liberals and conservatives can be narrow-minded. Their philosophy is not about fighting for those less fortunate or empowering citizens to make effective change through government; it is merely attacking conservatives. Worst of all, they do it without humor, blocking anyone who questions, or pokes the slightest bit of fun at their rigid guidelines. So, please, if just this once, do not Go Left.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Gun Debate Rant

I concede. Everyone should own as many automatic weapons as they want without background checks. But in return I reserve the right to:

Speed like hell. You need guns to protect yourself from the government and Obama. It only follows we should be able to drive as fast as possible away from both.

Own a penguin. This is a bit of a stretch, but in an argument of individual liberty, it would inhibit my personal freedom to not give me a penguin.

Be Batman. If everyone has the most powerful guns they can acquire, we can't expect police to keep up. The logical solution is to give me a billion dollars and free reign over Gotham. Who needs Miranda rights when you have the caped crusader?