Saturday, November 12, 2011


Welcome, as the title said. This blog is a new venture I wish to try out. Admittedly my blog ventures, besides Nice Old Spice have largely flopped. BUT I would like to split the political posts I've been making into a more appropriate venue. Hence, the Raving Moonbat. What is a moonbat? And why on earth is it raving? Shouldn't it just live and let live? Wikipedia describes it as a term used in United States politics as a political epithet referring to progressives or leftists. And No it can't live and let live! There's too much hate and corruption with the corporations, man! So expect satire, rantings, ravings, pictures, stories and whatever I can cook up with a liberal bias.


  1. I really loved the title of this blog, but now I know it also has a deeper meaning. Cool!

    Yeah, I could see the need for splitting up the political posts. I'm trying to keep my book reviews/personal stuff separate from my poetry one. Sometimes it just works better that way.

  2. My first commentator :D

    I've always found you really good at that, with the different kind of blogs you run.

  3. Happy to be here. I'll provide maybe a gentle nudge from the right. Don't want to be too confrontational because we're friends. And I hope I'm somewhat open minded. Still have those "floaters" as you'd call it in one of your recent poems.

    Thank you. Although...I haven't updated the dream one in SO long. I haven't been dreaming, Ben! It's so sad. Maybe I should read some crazy books before I got to bed.