Thursday, June 28, 2012

Okay, I Have to Share This...

The Supreme Court's Decision

Two things stand out to me today over the Supreme Court upholding the Affordable Health Care Act, or as the less educated term it Obamacare.

1.) The healthcare law was not perfect.

2.) We are granted the opportunity to continue a serious conversation. Repeal is a thing of the past. We must find ways to make it work.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mitt's Movie Bomb!

Rose: Oh mother, shut up! Don't you understand? The water is freezing and there aren't enough boats. Not enough by half. Half the people in this country are going to die.

Mitt Romney: Not the better half.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Double Feature!

Chris McQueeney, acclaimed author of the last post also wrote a wonderful poem on his site Wander without Being Lost and has allowed me to share it here! You should really click the link and see it on his site too!

"Two countries east
And a Halliburton dream
The lies they told
The lives they sold
For a baseball team
And a Halliburton dream
They took the least of
Two countries east
And gave them a ream"
-Chris McQueeney

Pixie Dust!

Why hello there, this is Chris from Wander without being lost…AKA Wander. I made the mistake of suggesting that Ben invite Psycho cohosts for the Bat. I guess he thinks I am psycho, oh well. Let us have a serious discussion.
Is the apocalypse coming? Is dooms day just around the corner, about to ring your door bell? Some in the know think it is, they want to prepare, and they think you should pay for it! That is, of course, if you live in Wyoming.  
Some in Wyoming felt it would be necessary to have an aircraft carrier, and fighter planes. That sounds reasonable; everyone needs their very own carrier. Can you imagine a world that would try to limit your ability to have your very own floating city, equipped with an airport, kitchens and living quarters for over five thousand lucky survivors?
            I am surprised that more states haven’t adopted bills like this one. Just think about how much money we can save without all of those people the doomsday will take out…0 that is right, 0 would be the savings! Aircraft carriers are so frickingexpensive that on the entire planet only 21 or 22 exist. Most nations can’t even afford to borrow one for the weekend let alone have one for…just in case.
This goes to show you that the fiscally conservative people of the great state of Wyoming know what the most important thing is…uber fricking expensive military toys that are stationed at the closest a thousand plus miles away. Economists are likely to point out that if Wyoming can afford one they might as well try to get three for the price of two; this would be a 33% discount. And while they are at it they might as well buy everyone in the state round trip tickets to never never land because that is as likely as Wyoming getting an aircraft carrier.

What say you, should we all preorder our pixie dust today and start thinking happy thoughts?

And before any one of you try to use the tired argument that this is old news remember "psycho" co-host. I think that about covers it!

6/15/12    10:38 P.M 

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Catholic Nuns Blast Paul Ryan’s Budget Proposal, Say It’s Un-Christian

By Stephen D. Foster Jr.

The Bible says we should care for the poor and the sick and share the wealth. It also says we should love our neighbor. Many Catholic bishops and priests don’t seem to get that these days. Conservatives in general especially don’t get that. But these Catholic nuns do.

During an appearance on CNN , Sister Simone Campbell criticized the Paul Ryan Budget as being un-Christian because it significantly rewards the wealthy, by severely punishing the poor.

“I think he was so direct in draping himself in the mantle of Catholic social teaching,” Campbell stated. “He took the words but he took none of the meaning in the forming of the budget. It is one thing to have political differences. But to try to hide a budget that will devastate people and claim that it is supported by your faith is unacceptable. He is wrong and he needs to be told so.”

Ryan tried to justify his budget by claiming that he created it based on Catholic teachings. But last time I checked, Jesus wasn’t a prick toward the weakest members of society, and the nuns agree and have gone on a bus tour to inform Americans of the un-Christian values being paraded by Ryan as real Christian values.

Not only that, the Catholic Bishops also have a problem with the Ryan Budget. The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops fired off a letter to Congress asking that they protect the poor, the children, the elderly, and the sick instead of punishing them in favor of giving more to benefits to the wealthy.

Clearly, Republicans support a budget that Catholics with true Christian values reject as being antithetical to Catholic teachings and the teachings of Jesus. But I’m betting Republicans couldn’t care less about real Christian values.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Play on this Week's Events





The pearly gates

[Scott Walker and Mitt Romney are waiting on St. Peter. Both were run down by Obama's campaign bus.]

SCOTT: I hope they don't let the peasants in.

MITT: Of course, they won't. I'm sure they have slums set aside.

SCOTT: That's a relief. Our happiness will trickle out.

MITT: Naturally. Workers living by their masters would be chaos.

SCOTT: It hasn't been that way since the beginning of time. Why fight nature?

MITT: I like your thinking.

SCOTT: And I like it more. Now, where's my butler with hor d'oeuvres?

MITT: Where's mine with champagne?

GOD: [voice over.] They're already inside.

MITT: Who's that?

GOD: It is I, Yahweh.

SCOTT: Sounds Middle Eastern. Do you think I could replace you with a whiter servant?

GOD: Heaven has no race.

MITT: [Jokingly.] Well as long as there's money. [Silence.] You're kidding?

GOD: I never have been.

SCOTT: There's got to be a special place for people like us?

GOD: There is but you may not like it.

MITT: Is the pool heated?

GOD: In a manner of speaking...

MITT: How much will it take to make this happen? [He holds out a hundred dollar bill.]

[A red light shines on stage.]

SCOTT: Hey...

MITT: This is...

MITT & SCOTT: Awesome!

SCOTT: No environmental regulations!

MITT: I can run Bain Capital by that huge mound of skulls!

SCOTT: I love us!