Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the all-new America

Disclaimer: there is use of curse words in this piece…it is my opinion that the use of expletives at times shows, or adds, a bit of an extra punch to the idea being  presented. This piece is intended for adult or mature audiences. If you don’t want your children reading this it is your responsibility to monitor what they are doing, not mine…thank you and enjoy.  

     Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the all-new America…the post twenty twelve election America! I have to say, and I am not sure if this holds true for you, I for one was amazed that the world was still operating the day after the election. I woke up and stretched, then realized what I was doing, and what it meant. America still stands. We still have water running, those of us lucky enough to not be in the path of a storm on steroids, and the rule of law is still enforced.
I wasn’t sure that that was a possibility after hearing how horrible it would be if president Obama won the election. You know, because…everyone knows that he is a Muslim plant that was born in Kenya sent to America to weaken our Christian values, ruin our moral bastion of conservatism, and rape my baby sister on national television!
For fuck’s sake people did you forget how to do actual research? Is our country so riddled with morons that any halfcocked claim can gain national air time without any fact checking at all?
Guess what, Obama won! Not only did he win, he flat out kicked Mitt Romney’s ass…straight up handed Mitt Romney, and Paul Ryan a “you got knocked the fuck out” cardJ!  
So I guess that means that over half of our country didn’t fall for the bullshit that they were selling. Paul Ryan would have you believe that Rape is Rape (except when it isn’t forcible…because you know if they get pregnant they wanted it) and the Mittster would like you to believe that huge multinational corporations were people…”Look Gepetto, I’m a real boy” squealed Halliburton. What a fucking crock! This is how fucking deluded some of the people supporting the right wing party are; Karl Rove made a statement that claimed that Hurricane Sandy stopped Romney’s charge, and that the storm was an “act of god” (his words) and that if the storm hadn’t happened Romney would have won. I guess if that is true…that would mean…God sure as hell didn’t want Romney in office.
Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the new America! The one where we tell the media outlets that they need to tell the truth, to fact check, and stop manufacturing fiction to make a profit! An America where we teach our children to do actual research before they spread nasty shit over the internet. Where we verify what we hear our friends say before we tell it to our neighbors. We are responsible for where this country goes, We!
Get off your ass and start changing things!  If you don’t want jobs going overseas…stop fucking shopping at Wal-Mart! If you want your economy to start growing start spending your money in ways that don’t support companies that are top heavy. No CEO should make thousands of times what the average rank and file, that is not sustainable. If you don’t want the world to have a shitty opinion of America stop acting like they aren’t worth the dirt they rest on. If you want less enemies stop doing shitty things to other countries…and believe me we have been doing shitty things to other countries for the last seventy years…better yet do your own fucking research to prove me wrong! And when your Christian friends start saying that we need to bomb Iran, and to cut of assistance to the poor and infirm, and that anything done in the name of business is ok, tell them that those things go against every principal and virtue that Christ stood for…if they argue tell them to read the bible.   
    Wake up, our world is being destroyed by our actions, and it doesn’t have to be. But to actually change our country, our world, we need to make decisions that are not selfish, and  not only self-aligned.
    And for those that would argue that the Liberal side has some or many of the same flaws that I credited the right wing with having…I would say yes, you are right…but, that doesn’t make your shit stink any less. My mom always asked me “if your friends jump off a cliff would you” and not being a rational person I would always give her a smartass response “if there was water underneath I would”. So I ask you…Is it ok for you to not change the things you do that poorly serve you or society because you think the other side does bad things?
    While you ponder that think about this, over the last ten years we as a country have killed hundreds of thousands of people because of the deaths of forty five hundred people. Maybe think of it this way, how would you feel if a country the size of Russia attacked Iowa because of the things a few thousand people in Detroit did? Wouldn’t make sense to you would it, me either.

Wander     11/12/12    11:51 P.M.

P.S. I cannot express how greatfull I am to live in a country where I can express my opinion without the fear of government reprisal.
Thank you for reading. Good night J

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Food Stamps

“Seventy percent of counties with the fastest-growth in food-stamp aid during the last four years voted for the Republican presidential candidate in 2008, according to U.S. Department of Agriculture data compiled by Bloomberg.”

Friday, November 2, 2012

Late Night Rant

Today I volunteered in an after school program. I helped them draw, do homework and play games among other things. It didn’t occur to me until tonight how amazing the kids were; not for what they can do but what they don’t do. Let me explain. Every day the children go through their activities, interacting with one another. They do this without the slightest hint or prejudice. Maybe it’s because of their youth, still in elementary, or maybe the world hasn’t taught them to be cruel in the ways adults are. I’ve seen them tease each other but never for a thing the child hasn’t said or done. They don’t look at color and I’ve never heard them mention anything remotely close to income. These things don’t matter.

I fear for the Black girl I push on the swing and cringe I notice that she is or that I even called her the Black girl. I wish I didn’t and I hope no one ever thinks less of her for something she can’t help. I hope I live to see my children not take notice. Does she knows yet or does she see herself the same. I pray she does. And I hope unequal opportunities don’t affect her even as they do now for so many African Americans. I imagine the reminder and the burden of history; being constantly reminded and labeled.

Above all, I’m left with a lesson; that race is constructed and we shouldn’t see it any different. God made humans. There are good people and bad people, and skin color has never determined which was which