Friday, August 31, 2012

I seriously cannot wait to watch Ryan and Biden in a debate! It's gonna be so great!

    • Ryan will demolish Biden!!! It will be actually like are you smarter than a fifth grader!! And from what I have seen of Biden he is not smarter than a first grader!! ;);)
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    •  would be more interesting if they played slug bug after each exchange win. sorry but i can't help but to imagine Ryan slipping one off Biteme's shoulder and catching chin.
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    •  Lol Heath! I'm thinking of making it a girls' night event!!! Party at the hatch house!!
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    •  fun gotta go with a trick or treat theme.
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    •  i still need to come hang out!!
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    •  I cant wait to hear about how Ryan dodges the forcible rape thing seeing as how he was just in 2009 pushing for a bill that had that very same wording in it...
    •  That is such a non issue with me being that I'm anti abortion.
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    •  And instead of saying Ryan is going to trash Biden why not try to be adult about the matter and approach it in an open minded fashion
    •  no it wasn't about abortion it was about weather rape is forcible as apposed to non forcible...and contrary to what Romney says now he is actually pro abortion because a close family member died from an illegal one before Rowe v Wade and his mom is pro least she was when she ran for a senat seat in the 70s
    •  And you know how I feel about abortion Rebekah...I also believe that it should go to a woman only cant get pregnant we should stay out of the legislation of female reproductive laws
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    • I can't wait either! I'll come to your party!!;-)
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    •  wow this thread took a nose dive from funny. would love to see that bill in 2009 which one is it? ill look it up.
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    •  Ya. Tell us Chris!
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    •  Ill have to do the research he was the co sponcer...
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    •  and I am a little tired it may have been 10
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    •  Rebekah have I ever spread any untruths ? you continually doubt me when you have never proven anything I have had to say as falce...kind of offending;-)
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    •  really i want to see it because what is presented in endless rhetoric and constant diatribe is usually taken out of context. just want the whole source.
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    • there you go he started retracting it after woman annd men found it to be offensive
      GOP vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan said Monday he supported removing the...See More
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    •  lol the huffington figures now i have to double check.
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    •  is there some secret conspiracy on the term "stock language" he came out and said "rape is rape" now i am confussed whats the issue again? its late
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    • Chris Mcqueeney
      Drugged, raped, and pregnant? Too bad. Republicans are pushing to limit rape and incest cases eligible for government abortion funding.
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    •  wait never mind this war on women red herring. frigging liberals, rome is burning and all you want to do is throw gas on it.
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    •  He says rape is rape after their is a back lash but he was sponsoring a bill that had the direct terms "forcable rape with the same man who they are trying to distance them selves from...
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    •  Rebekak you asked for you say the proof doesnt matter
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    •  Heath do you know me?
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    •  nope you jumped in here guns ablazing
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    •  but really if you want to talk about planned parenthood and the real war on women (minority women) some time i would love to. but got to go now.
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    •  you called our vp names and hoped he was "accidentally " punched in the face...sounds like you had your guns drawn well before I piped in...and dont refere to me as anything but an american citizin that provides for my children you condisinding prick
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    •  condescending? are you ok? you were not in the conversation and i was joking. relax.
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    •  you ask for proof...and conviently you find a reason to discount it
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    •  Ok I didnt realize that the conversation was only allowed to like minded people
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    •  you throw something up that i said i would like to see, its been 10 min and i will look at it. now you are being judgmental, you know my opinion as well as i know yours.
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    •  do you read your own words? " frigging liberals, rome is burning and all you want to do is throw gas on it."
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    •  you opened the door
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    •  I am an independent voter
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    •  ya and i am libertarian. i happen to think that planned parenthood has been killing mainly minority babies since 1942 while liberals keep their parents on welfare. they secretly are raciest and afraid of them but lie to them to get votes. and if you need a couple of black scholars w williams thomas sowell who may agree, there you go. now tell me why my tax money should fund that?
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    •  point being just privatize planned parenthood then its off the table. done. no more red harring.
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    •  your tax money goes to birth control ans cancer screening and family planning...the money for abortion comes from private donations...there were laws inacted in the 70s to make sure of that
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      Planned Parenthood receives about a third of its money in government grants and contracts (about $360 million in 2009).[44] By law, federal funding cannot be allocated for abortions,[45] but some opponents of abortion have argued that alloc...See More
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    •  like any public entity they offer a wide array of services funded in large part by fed dollars, none of those dollars go to the lo percentage of abortions performed....
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    •  yes those are arrguments I have heard ...the VAST portion of their funds go to birth control and cancer screening and education...the 25 % of private donations are way more then enough to cover abortions
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    •  I think abortion is abhorant....but I am not a woman, let them decide
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    •  ya well if i happen to think its a throw back extension of the nazi eugenics i am entitled to that and happen to not want to contribue to it. besides abortions are proven to increase chances of breast cancer so all the villianizing the left did to sopa or what ever wal BS. they have a conflict of interests there is that hare to understand?
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    •  Can you show me a link to those studys...ones that were peer reviewed?
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    •  sorry way to faded, thanks for the chat. night.
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    •  i kept it to wiki hang on
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      Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA), commonly shortened to Planned P...See More
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    •  Rebekah is going to be sooooo pissed at me :-)
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    •  Ill check it out
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    •  no worries
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    •  Good night sir