Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Family Forecloses a Bank for Trying to Foreclose Them

by Xavier Jackson via The 5 Most Satisfying Tales of Payback,

In most cases, it should come as no surprise when a foreclosure notice shows up in your mailbox (or gets nail-gunned to your front door by a sheriff's deputy like in the movies). After all, it doesn't happen unless you've gone months (or years) without paying your mortgage. It's the kind of thing a person should see coming.

But this wasn't the case for the Nyerges family -- their foreclosure notice from Bank of America came as a total shock. Why? Because they paid for their house in cash. That's the type of act that normally keeps a family safe from the foreclosure monster. But Bank of America wasn't going to let the fact that the Nyerges home was paid off keep them from taking the matter to court and attempting to foreclose on it anyway.

Naturally, their ridiculous claim was thrown right the hell out. In fact, Bank of America was ordered to pay the Nyergeses $2,534 to cover the legal fees that went into making sure their home wasn't literally stolen from them.

But after five months of trying, the Nyerges family was still unable to get that $2,534 out of Bank of America. What happened next will almost certainly be a Hollywood movie someday.

The Petty Revenge:

Remember what we said about seeing a foreclosure coming? It probably doesn't apply here. Basically, Bank of America's refusal to pay up paved the way for the Nyergeses to pull a stunt so damn beautiful it makes our fingers cry just typing it ... they turned the tables and foreclosed on Bank of America.

After contacting their lawyer to handle all of the legalities involved, the Nyergeses found themselves standing at a local Bank of America branch, watching as movers and sheriff's deputies removed everything. According to the court, the Nyerges family now owned all of it, right down to the money in the tellers' drawers. How was this possible? Well, keep in mind, the $2,534 wasn't some refund BoA owed the Nyergeses -- it was a freaking court-ordered payment. And judges don't like it when you just blow that shit off.

Something about the prospect of falling victim to a court-mandated bank robbery got Bank of America on board with the idea of paying the Nyergeses the relatively meager sum they were owed in the first place. After an hour of being locked out of his bank, the manager handed the Nyergeses their check.

And that was the only time a bank ever tried something so stupid. Ha! Just joking. They tried the exact same thing with someone else and the results were exactly the same, except for the part where a guy shows up to a televised interview dressed like a vampire to gloat about sticking it to the man.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Newt Breath

Newt Gingrich says that gay marriage exemplifies “the rise of paganism,” “perfectly natural pagan behaviors,” and “a fundamental violation of our civilization.”

But wanting an open marriage with your wife who's suffering from multiple sclerosis is not? Oh and leaving her for saying "no" of course.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Rick Santorum Endorses Obamacare!

Santorum said that while God has granted everyone some rights, the government has control over what's leftover and issues those "privileges" to people who are "healthy for society."

He went on to say:

"There are certain things that government does that gives people privileges in order to promote activity that are healthy for society and are best for society. And those things we promote would give people advantages or benefits, government benefits because we think that is healthy activity.

Of course, he was talking about banning homosexual adoption and marriage through the national constitution, but on principal he's endorsed a blanket plan for the health and well being of the United States.  He might be a socialist, after all.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I remember the person I was growing up and I’m not entirely proud of it. I was intolerant; minimalized others for differences to obscure my own inadequacies. I wish I hadn’t. There’s nothing worse than seeing the look of pain on someone’s face, especially when you’re the one who created it. And yet, I see this now in the news more than ever. People bullied to such an extent through social media it becomes unbearable. I fret to think the kind of kid I was having the vast tools of today at disposal. I’d like to think I’d take the highroad. But I can’t be sure. I can only look at the harsh lessons I’ve learned. I overhear hateful conversations and I want to intervene. But can I really? I wasn’t so different once upon a time. Last night I witnessed a group of friends insulting the mannerisms of gay men at length. They laughed; I feared for them in silence. Perhaps someone in the very group was gay and afraid to come out, seeing the potential of such retribution. Perhaps someone will be the next time or the time after that. It’s impossible to contemplate a person living such a lie because the world around can’t tolerate them for who they are.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Friday, January 20, 2012

Oh, Snap!

Catholic leaders issued a letter Friday to GOP presidential candidates Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum, themselves Catholics, urging them “to stop perpetuating ugly racial stereotypes on the campaign trail.” They added, "Believe us, we know something about perpetuating ugly racial stereotypes. Remember the slave trade? Really? Shit."

Monday, January 16, 2012


"Boys, we have a conundrum at the Grand Ole Party. We can work on getting our message out to the masses or we can pass laws restricting early voting, voter ID laws and make sure the masses don't vote while we do coke. Don't worry they'll never drug test us to get their money; all billions upon billions of it."

Friday, January 13, 2012

What if Tim Tebow were Muslim?

via by Marcus Cederstrom

"So Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf stood up (or in this case, sat down) for his religious beliefs. He made his religion a visible aspect of his life and a visible aspect of his professional basketball career. Just like Tim Tebow. The difference of course being that Tim Tebow was satirized on “Saturday Night Live.” Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf had his home burned down and felt blacklisted from the NBA."

"But as Tebowmania makes its way into politics, sports, religion and the everyday life of the mainstream United States, it is important to think about how we approach religion in this country. How we approach religious freedom in this country. Do we accept freedom of religion, any religion? Or do we accept freedom of Christianity?"

Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Quote on SC's Voter ID Law

‎"You do not have a constitutional right to buy Sudafed or get on a plane. You do have a constitutional right to vote. Thanks, SC, for making me proud I no longer vacation there." - Maryanne Pribulka

Monday, January 9, 2012

Occupy Geriatrics: Seniors in Walkers Shut Down Local Bank of America

via SF weekly by Erin, Sherbert

What some healthy and spry Occupy Movements across the nation couldn't quite accomplish, San Francisco geriatrics have!

KCBS reports that a small group of senior citizens between the ages of 69 and 82 successfully shut down a Bank of America in Bernal Heights on Thursday with nothing more than walkers and oxygen tanks. That's right: No shouting, chanting, tear gas, or window-smashing.

The group, which dubbed itself "Wild Old Women" set up camp right outside the BofA, holding signs in what they were calling "a run on the bank."

While the protesters said they had no intention (or oxygen) of storming the bank, as occupiers in other communities have done, officials at Bank of America shut the doors and locked them as they spotted the slow-moving group make its way to the front of the bank.

So the seniors took a seat outside the bank where they explained their demands, which were no different than every other occupiers: They want lower fees, and they want the bank to pay higher taxes and stop the foreclosures.

"We're upset about what the banks are doing, particularly in our neighborhood and neighboring areas, in evicting people and foreclosing on their homes," 80-year-old Tita Caldwell told KCBS reporters. "We're upset because the banks are raising their rates, because it really affects seniors who are on a fixed income."

And that's just no way to spend your Golden Years.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Word Verification Fail

I was commenting on a blog and came across a rather offensive word verification. My liberal sensibilities being what they are, I decided to reply.