Saturday, May 12, 2012

When I'm Right, I'm Right...

Jan, Bam, Thank you ma'am.


  1. Is this the one you were talking about? I don't know how this relates to our previous chat actually.

    1. It was a reference to the pro-choice post where you didn't think that women's rights were under attack.

    2. I didn't actually say that though. I believe you asked whether I feared men would take away my power over my own body. I still don't fear that.

    3. Right now I'm kindly telling you not to tell me how I'd feel...just so's you know. ;-)

      BUT Here's what is not being said in this exchange: 1. I'll never use birth control. The only time I would is if I had a medical condition that could only be taken care of through birth control. I don't, so I won't use it.

      2. What confuses me so much is why people say MEN try to restrict access to birth control for women. If I was a man who wanted to sleep around, but wanted no responsibilities I'd TOTALLY promote birth control. For me THAT is a control issue. I want to have sex with you, but I don't want to lend you any emotional have this pill instead.

    4. I'm sorry. I got carried away.

      It could very well be a man and woman in a committed relationship not ready for the financial burden of children.

    5. Don't worry. That really was a light reminder. I only get mad if it happens a lot. You haven't done it before, so it was just a friendly..."hold on there" :-)

      I don't believe in that either. And before you ask, no, I'm not Catholic. Hahaha! But I do happen to side with them on this issue.