Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the all-new America

Disclaimer: there is use of curse words in this piece…it is my opinion that the use of expletives at times shows, or adds, a bit of an extra punch to the idea being  presented. This piece is intended for adult or mature audiences. If you don’t want your children reading this it is your responsibility to monitor what they are doing, not mine…thank you and enjoy.  

     Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the all-new America…the post twenty twelve election America! I have to say, and I am not sure if this holds true for you, I for one was amazed that the world was still operating the day after the election. I woke up and stretched, then realized what I was doing, and what it meant. America still stands. We still have water running, those of us lucky enough to not be in the path of a storm on steroids, and the rule of law is still enforced.
I wasn’t sure that that was a possibility after hearing how horrible it would be if president Obama won the election. You know, because…everyone knows that he is a Muslim plant that was born in Kenya sent to America to weaken our Christian values, ruin our moral bastion of conservatism, and rape my baby sister on national television!
For fuck’s sake people did you forget how to do actual research? Is our country so riddled with morons that any halfcocked claim can gain national air time without any fact checking at all?
Guess what, Obama won! Not only did he win, he flat out kicked Mitt Romney’s ass…straight up handed Mitt Romney, and Paul Ryan a “you got knocked the fuck out” cardJ!  
So I guess that means that over half of our country didn’t fall for the bullshit that they were selling. Paul Ryan would have you believe that Rape is Rape (except when it isn’t forcible…because you know if they get pregnant they wanted it) and the Mittster would like you to believe that huge multinational corporations were people…”Look Gepetto, I’m a real boy” squealed Halliburton. What a fucking crock! This is how fucking deluded some of the people supporting the right wing party are; Karl Rove made a statement that claimed that Hurricane Sandy stopped Romney’s charge, and that the storm was an “act of god” (his words) and that if the storm hadn’t happened Romney would have won. I guess if that is true…that would mean…God sure as hell didn’t want Romney in office.
Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the new America! The one where we tell the media outlets that they need to tell the truth, to fact check, and stop manufacturing fiction to make a profit! An America where we teach our children to do actual research before they spread nasty shit over the internet. Where we verify what we hear our friends say before we tell it to our neighbors. We are responsible for where this country goes, We!
Get off your ass and start changing things!  If you don’t want jobs going overseas…stop fucking shopping at Wal-Mart! If you want your economy to start growing start spending your money in ways that don’t support companies that are top heavy. No CEO should make thousands of times what the average rank and file, that is not sustainable. If you don’t want the world to have a shitty opinion of America stop acting like they aren’t worth the dirt they rest on. If you want less enemies stop doing shitty things to other countries…and believe me we have been doing shitty things to other countries for the last seventy years…better yet do your own fucking research to prove me wrong! And when your Christian friends start saying that we need to bomb Iran, and to cut of assistance to the poor and infirm, and that anything done in the name of business is ok, tell them that those things go against every principal and virtue that Christ stood for…if they argue tell them to read the bible.   
    Wake up, our world is being destroyed by our actions, and it doesn’t have to be. But to actually change our country, our world, we need to make decisions that are not selfish, and  not only self-aligned.
    And for those that would argue that the Liberal side has some or many of the same flaws that I credited the right wing with having…I would say yes, you are right…but, that doesn’t make your shit stink any less. My mom always asked me “if your friends jump off a cliff would you” and not being a rational person I would always give her a smartass response “if there was water underneath I would”. So I ask you…Is it ok for you to not change the things you do that poorly serve you or society because you think the other side does bad things?
    While you ponder that think about this, over the last ten years we as a country have killed hundreds of thousands of people because of the deaths of forty five hundred people. Maybe think of it this way, how would you feel if a country the size of Russia attacked Iowa because of the things a few thousand people in Detroit did? Wouldn’t make sense to you would it, me either.

Wander     11/12/12    11:51 P.M.

P.S. I cannot express how greatfull I am to live in a country where I can express my opinion without the fear of government reprisal.
Thank you for reading. Good night J


  1. Great insights, Chris! Can't wait to hear Heather's take.

  2. @Ben: Hahahaha! Hooray for being the token Conservative, eh?

    That's a lot to respond to, but I actually think in the main I agree with you. The whole birther/Muslim brotherhood/what have you folk are personally a little annoying to me. I mean, I see PLENTY of great reasons to disagree with the Obama administration and what it means for the country. There is no good reason to get into this stupid made up stuff.

    Actually the only person I know of who publicly wanted to bomb Iran was John McCain (part of the reason I voted Democrat in 2008...surprised?) and he wasn't a Christian. He'll tell you he's a Baptist, but he's never been baptized. And believe you me, an upbaptized Baptist is just someone who occasionally attends a Baptist church and never has placed his faith in God.

    I'm also not entirely sure you could say Obama kicked Romney's ass, when he really only got 50-51% of the popular vote and Romney got 48-49% (Politico stat...I didn't make it up). Now, if it was like the 1984 election, you could make that statement, but I'd say if almost half of this country didn't want him as Commander in Chief, perhaps he should look into why. (With the understanding that he ignores the Birthers...those people are never happy)

  3. Heather the reason I say he kicked their ass is because of the funding that those multinational corporation's put into all of those ridiculous claims that had no basis in fact. A huge portion of the birth-er "evidence" was created funded and implemented by super Pac's that are made possible because of the corporate person-hood I spoke about above.

    And...sad as I am to say Heather McCain may be the only one to come out and say we should bomb Iran he is not nearly the only one that had suggested that military action is necessary. Do some soundbite research and you will hear almost every republican politician, and pundit saying that we need to use military force to stop Iran. Use military force to decimate a country that 37 years ago won it's freedom from the murdering tyrant that we helped take over the country...the last Shaw. Then we help Saddam prosecute a 7 year war against Iran (Saddam another ruthless ruler that we placed on his throne and turned against as soon as it was expedient for us to do so) even going so far as to give Saddam chemical weapons, or otherwise known as weapons of mass destruction, to use against Iran.

    As far as why close to half the country is upset...they think that the economic meltdown was a blip that can be just whisked away by big business practices and spending cuts...miss information spread by the people that make a living off of raping our country's wealth. Obama had 3,377,365 more votes than Romney...3% according to CNN. Romney got less votes then John McCain, almost a million less. Do you know how many people I know that didn't even vote because they thought Romney didn't even have a chance? And what about the voter suppression laws that all of a sudden become important in a election where the incumbent is a dem.

    And Heather what also amazes me is that one sect of Christians claims that their way is the only way and if your faith differs you are not a true Christian. You have expressed the same sentiment that I have heard from followers Of every Christian sect that I have run across...most of whom don't even know what the original church was, or where all these offshoots came from...or how many people have died because of that ignorance. I am sure you can name the original church, and what dogma, or cannon your specific branch disagreed with...and why your faith is the right one, at least you have striven to be educated about your faith...but, a huge portion of your fellow Christians haven't even read the whole bible...or the history behind all the schisms. I am not Lutheran, but I know more about Marten Luther then most Lutherans or Protestants... "In his later years, while suffering from several illnesses and deteriorating health, Luther became increasingly antisemitic, writing that Jewish homes should be destroyed, their synagogues burned, money confiscated and liberty curtailed. These statements have contributed to his controversial status." Wiki...those are the same sentiments that we think the Iranians are using...funny how all zealotry sounds the same when boiled down

    And I do appreciate you reading my work...I enjoy sparring with you...you offer a different perspective for me to research and decide weather my beliefs are fuctional.

  4. Ah, I thought you were talking about the vote. Nevermind then. Carry on.
    I think people didn't like the Obama administration for more reasons than that. I know I did. Yeah, I almost didn't vote because Romney didn't have a chance. As I constantly say "my vote doesn't actually count." I live in an increasingly liberal nation in a VERY liberal state. I'm just making a small little stand of my own mainly because we live in a nation that still allows us to do that. I'm grateful for it even though I roll my eyes every election year.
    Oh, I'm sure many Republicans say it, or at least want some sort of military action. In your original post though you mentioned Christians who thought this way. I know since the 80s there has been a lot of confusion, but the label "Republican" and the label "Christian" aren't synonymous.
    There really is only one message one has to believe to be a Christian: (That we are born at war with God, chained to sin, and destined for hell. That we must be perfect to enter into heaven. That we cannot be perfect, and that Jesus Christ came to live perfectly for us and to sacrifice himself for the sins we have made and will make. And that we are now free from sin [not that we don't] and have peace with God). All sects of orthodox Christianity agree on the above statements. Anything else usually has to do with church culture and polity and doctrine. The fights that come up because of church culture and polity and doctrine are stupid and often terrible and they do not glorify God.
    Heh, thanks! I enjoy it too. :-)

  5. Oh, by the way, there is no proof that McCain wasn't babtized in the church from his childhood... just that he hasn't been baptized into his new church

  6. And my comment about christian friends saying we should bomb Iran is based on personal experance...out of the mouth of god fearing Christian folk (at least that is what they say)

    As far as what you think defines a christian we could go round after round about that, not in a negative way, but that would have to be in a different way.

    Most of my inflammatory commrnts were directed to get the reader to prove me wrong, and to research.

    My final goal was to get people into positive action...do real things that cause real results. :-)

    You are a good sport Heather

  7. Oh ok. Yes, I can't speak to personal experience, but it's not a part of orthodox Christianity. :-)

    That isn't really what I THINK defines a Christian, but I agree that we would go on for a while about it.

    When I was reading about him during the 2008 election he said he had never been baptized. I was going off of what he said.

    I do try.

  8. I definitely say that Obama kicked their ass because they tried to cheat by suppressing the vote especially in Ohio and Florida and they STILL won both of those states and took all the other battleground states except for NC. People thought it was going to be so close and it wasn't. So that's an ass-kicking if I ever saw one.

    Great post!

    1. Erm, again, 48% voted against Obama...how is that close again? If you think that was an ass kicking, I wonder how you'd handle it back when Reagan was elected.

  9. I know you try Heather, that is why I appreciate your input :-)

    He may have been refering to the fact that he wasn't re baptized into his new church ( I don't understand why he would need to be re baptised).

    1. He wouldn't need to be, but he just said he had never been baptized. I'm not a baptist, but I do know that one of the things they believe is that the instant you "place your faith in Jesus Christ" you are baptized basically the next Sunday. So, if he had not been baptized before, he hadn't made a declaration of faith. I'm just saying, I have no reason (other than his word) to think he's a Christian. I think he was claiming Christianity (as most Republicans do) in order to gain the votes of conservative Christians.

  10. I say, do not hold back. Tell us what you really think ;).

  11. you feel alright with obama to be your president?


  12. Of course I do...did you read the post?