Friday, April 5, 2013

Budget Debate Rant

My biggest issue with the budget debate in Congress is Boehner's insistance to cut what he terms "entitlements." People who pay into programs their whole lives will not collect. He insists that cutting this spending is just. Billionaires can keep billions over seas, pay next to none in taxes; corporations can get millions from the government (while paying nothing in taxes); but we are stuck attacking our most vulnerable. Sick people must suffer and die so the wealthy keep tax breaks. It isn't right. Why must we pay tribute to overlords who do not invest in America and destroy its environment?


  1. I agree. Social Security is not an entitlement. It is our money but Congress saw no problem with raiding it.

    1. We're paying for everything else tool; Medicare, Medicade, etc. Yet, they're already taking it away from those who need it.

  2. Honestly, that's the difference in the mindset between liberals and conservatives. Conservatives are so hell-bent on cutting what they consider "entitlements" that they are crippling the lower-class and the lower-middle class. I just do not understand that mindset. I cannot understand how the answer is to cut programs that lower-income people rely on?? Are you seriously telling me that there are not other areas that we can cut (cough cough defense cough)?