Monday, December 26, 2011

93-Year-Old Tennessee Woman Who Cleaned State Capitol For 30 Years Denied Voter ID

I don't care what your ideology is. You should vote and no one should be able to stand in your way.


A 93-year-old Tennessee woman who cleaned the state Capitol for 30 years, including the governor’s office, says she won’t be able to vote for the first time in decades after being told this week that her old state ID failed to meet new voter ID regulations.


  1. You know what's sort of odd about voting? I don't disagree with your initial statement by any means, but WHY don't I disagree with it? I mean, voting is the only thing in the world that people say, "It doesn't matter what you think, or how educated you are. Just vote!" If I wanted to be a surgeon no one would say, "It doesn't matter if you've never seen an anatomy book in your life. Just make a cut!"

    I wonder why we do that with voting. I mean, I do it too. Everyone should vote. But...should everyone? It's just something I've been thinking about and your post reminded me of it.

    That being said, someone should have just helped this lady so her I.D. met the requirements. She has lived long enough that I'm sure she knows enough to vote wisely.

  2. I think the idea of voting wisely is subjective. People may not be intelligent enough to understand large issues but they know what/who is best for their situations.