Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Rare Post Against the Government

The internet is threatened, comrades.  Republicans and Democrats seem eager to destroy and control all forms of speech using national security as a backdrop.  Such fine legislators as Joe Lieberman think we need a kill-switch in the event of war. But as always it stands to reason what we're fighting for.  If we sacrifice our freedoms to gain freedom are we really any better off?  The Intel Hub reports that "any social media website that allows users to freely post content could be shut down at any time if any infringing content is posted on the site. This means that all of YouTube, all of Twitter, all of Facebook, all free blog hosts, etc. could be forced to close down if a single individual posts infringing content."  It sure sounds like we're throwing our people under the bus, driven by a Wall Street exec with Boehner riding shotgun.


  1. Ben The thing to watch for is when legislation regulating the net hits the country....that would be not much good! You got to come to portland sometime.

  2. I should. I've long thought Oregon a place I need to visit.