Saturday, March 31, 2012

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I'm not entirely opposed to restructuring Medicare but the notion there should be no shared sacrifice where we reward one segment of the population with tax cuts at the same time seems utterly idiotic. Paul Ryan's budget seeks to do just that, turning Medicare into a voucher program, while drastically gutting social programs and giving the rich ever more tax breaks. Why do they seek to punish everyone that is not just poor but Middle Class as well?


  1. Was this the conservative question you were referring to over the weekend? I have to be honest and say I don't really know very much about the health care debate.

    1. Yeah, it was. That's okay, Berlinerin! I appreciate your comment and time :)

    2. Heh...also, I'm not sure they would actually say "I'm seeking to punish the poor and middle class." I mean, economics is pretty funny (weird not haha) in that everyone has a theory. And on paper everyone's theory works. I think a lot of what our current president would push for would end up punishing the poor and middle classes. I also think he wouldn't think he was doing that. I think he is a sincere man who honestly believes he is doing the right thing for his country. I just happen to disagree with his methods and theories.