Thursday, June 14, 2012

Catholic Nuns Blast Paul Ryan’s Budget Proposal, Say It’s Un-Christian

By Stephen D. Foster Jr.

The Bible says we should care for the poor and the sick and share the wealth. It also says we should love our neighbor. Many Catholic bishops and priests don’t seem to get that these days. Conservatives in general especially don’t get that. But these Catholic nuns do.

During an appearance on CNN , Sister Simone Campbell criticized the Paul Ryan Budget as being un-Christian because it significantly rewards the wealthy, by severely punishing the poor.

“I think he was so direct in draping himself in the mantle of Catholic social teaching,” Campbell stated. “He took the words but he took none of the meaning in the forming of the budget. It is one thing to have political differences. But to try to hide a budget that will devastate people and claim that it is supported by your faith is unacceptable. He is wrong and he needs to be told so.”

Ryan tried to justify his budget by claiming that he created it based on Catholic teachings. But last time I checked, Jesus wasn’t a prick toward the weakest members of society, and the nuns agree and have gone on a bus tour to inform Americans of the un-Christian values being paraded by Ryan as real Christian values.

Not only that, the Catholic Bishops also have a problem with the Ryan Budget. The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops fired off a letter to Congress asking that they protect the poor, the children, the elderly, and the sick instead of punishing them in favor of giving more to benefits to the wealthy.

Clearly, Republicans support a budget that Catholics with true Christian values reject as being antithetical to Catholic teachings and the teachings of Jesus. But I’m betting Republicans couldn’t care less about real Christian values.


  1. Well, depends on the Republican I suppose...

    It's interesting that they label a budget proposal "Christian" or "non-Christian." I am thinking of Mr. Ryan too. Like, did he actually market a budge proposal as "Christian?" I mean, Jesus didn't exactly make budget proposals for a nation....Ok, I guess He did for Israel, but those were the civil laws that no longer apply.

    Aaaanyways...I thought you were getting rid of this blog!? Glad to see you brought it back.
    ...I think ;-)

  2. I enjoy our discussions :-)

    Helps broaden my perspective.

    1. And I enjoy your posts (so I AM glad it's back...I was just kidding around when I said "I think"), but you know I have to weigh in on the Christian ones, right? :-)

  3. I have always contended that Jesus would be a liberal...and I strongly believe that.

    1. That's a shame because claiming He had a political party has always been a pet peeve of mine. It's historically skewed for one, and it means the Christ is irrelevant to anyone outside a party. Also it means that in order to be a believer one has to sign onto one platform...making the platform of higher priority than your faith, which is all kinds of wrong.

      Also abortion. Sorry, but...I have to say you aren't going to find anywhere in the bible where that's ok.

      Haha...poor Keith. Now you have to deal with what poor Ben has to deal with. I hope you appreciate that just because I disagree with (and even maybe strongly dislike) your statement, it has no affect on how I view you as a person. :-)

    2. Lol I am glad I looked at this one...I think that secular politics should stay secular. This is a country that is a hodpodge of religions, so to be fair to all government should be none of the above.
      I think Jesus had words about how to treat the least of his brethren...I think his exact words were "over look those that have but little, rain favor upon those with plenty...and to clarify corporations are my prefered brethren they are people......oh wait that was mit

    3. Well, it depends on what you mean by "all government should be none of the above." If you mean we shouldn't call budget plans "Christian" or "non-Christian" I agree. If you mean you don't think those in office should be religious then I disagree.