Thursday, January 17, 2013

Gun Debate Rant

I concede. Everyone should own as many automatic weapons as they want without background checks. But in return I reserve the right to:

Speed like hell. You need guns to protect yourself from the government and Obama. It only follows we should be able to drive as fast as possible away from both.

Own a penguin. This is a bit of a stretch, but in an argument of individual liberty, it would inhibit my personal freedom to not give me a penguin.

Be Batman. If everyone has the most powerful guns they can acquire, we can't expect police to keep up. The logical solution is to give me a billion dollars and free reign over Gotham. Who needs Miranda rights when you have the caped crusader?


  1. Although this post is very amusing, we can NEVER concede! I just recently made a post about the gun issue. You can read it here, if interested. My thoughts are pretty over the top for some, but I don't care anymore. :p

    I do like the batman idea though, as long as people stop 'batmanning'.

  2. perfectly expressed ben! i'm with you!


  3. Sorry ben...I will be the voice of descent... I want a sks, also some other exotic firearms. I have been shooting for most of my life and I enjoy shooting those types of weapons. I don't need them for self-defense... got a 12gauge for that, also I lock my doors. Here is a sad fact for you;a child's .22cal can be just as deadly as an asault rifle. They are extreamly accurate and with no recoil you can do a lot of damage. What I am for is background checks on all guns, and free
    ammo up to the first three thousand rounds ;-)

    1. I do wonder where such philosophy ends. If anyone can have any weapon, why can't I have a tank, rocket launcher or warhead with a "background check?"

  4. Ben...That kind of logic sounds similar to the anti gay marriage logic of " if we let um get married whats next are they gonna want to marry goats?"

    I did not say any weapon...I am open to registering, going through background test's and also safety training on any gun I own.

    the sad fact the people doing the killings with those weapons were sick people who could have benefitted from free mental health care
    would have been cheaper than the alternative.

    1. EXCEPT gay marriage isn't killing anyone.

    2. Not saying they are the same quality of issue just that the taking it to the "warheads" argument is just as ludacris as the "goats" argument...