Sunday, August 12, 2012

Church Reform: Good or Bad?

It is no secret that the Vatican has been at odds with the American nuns. Pat Farrell, the departing president of the nuns’ group, the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, said at a news conference that the members of her organization wanted to be “recognized as equal in the church,” to have their style of religious life “respected and affirmed,” and to help create a climate in which everyone in the church can talk about “issues that are very complicated.” Do you agree with these assumptions? Is the church too far removed from problems in the modern world? And, most importantly should nuns remain subservient and silent in a democracy built upon free speech?


  1. I'd like to know what exactly they want to speak up about. I mean, they have a more structured church culture. Perhaps this particular group of nuns should...not be Catholic? I guess I don't know much of what is going on really. I don't keep up on what is happening in Catholicism.

  2. Yes, the church is removed. The Vatican is removed. The nuns are not, hence their stand. They want to keep their faith and yet they face the reality of a patriarchal, removed Vatican.